Josephine Pedersen & Rubin Starset
Cross Continental Double Exposure - Roll One
Minneapolis, San Francisco, Prague, Vienna

2009 - 2010

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Wondering what's going on here? This is a continuous scan from a roll of film shot by Josephine and Rubin. Both started out with a rolls of Fuji Sensia 100 slide film. This particular roll was first shot by Josephine in San Francisco, with a focus on things with lots of contrast. After she was done the roll it was traded off to Rubin (who was doing the same time with his initial roll of film). Rubin took the roll through parts of Eastern Europe and Minneapolis, double exposing it with a focus on colorful things. The roll was then developed with a technique called Cross Processing. The end result is what you see here.

Don't forget to check Roll 2 - Hanoi, Nha Trang, Saigon, Hue, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Chicago.

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Thanks to Shalaco for the inspiration.

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